Friday, December 7, 2007

Blogging during the Holidays

Ok, I don't want to be a trader to my fellow diet bloggers..but it seems that most of them are not posting or just posting a little. I know the holidays are stressful and busy, but I think I need to blog because of that more. I also am new to blogging and do not have a super busy schedule or kids. I am just whining because I miss their blogging :(. I miss reading about their adventures in the world of food and excercise. I hope it returns to normal soon, they motivate me so much.

So onto the fact that it is Friday and everyone seems to be in a bad mood around me. I am in a fine mood, but ready for the weekend. I forgot how yucky snow is, and how cold it gets. I never want to get up to excercise in the mornings lately. I did today though, so I am proud of myself. The bed seems a bit more cozy when the air is cold then it did before the winter. I miss nice weather already.

Yesterday's dinner was lean hamburgers and oven fries. I was super hungry when I got home from work yesterday and could not wait to eat dinner. My boyfriend always makes 4 burgers and of course I grabbed 2 because I thought.."I have the points for this." So I sat down and ate one burger, then had some fries and realized I was full and could not eat the other burger. I haven't been eating 2 burgers for quite some time, I just was hungry and had the points for it so I thought that I would have 2. Why do I revert to old behaviors when I have extra points? I don't get it. My doggy got the other burger, and she was happy. I just cannot eat as much as I used to be able to. I think my mind hasn't caught up with that yet. Hopefully it will soon, because eating just to eat is not a good thing. I gotta get my mind retrained.

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