Wednesday, December 19, 2007

189 and 3 Christmas parties...

So I got to exactly 189 this morning. I got past 190, I am so excited! Then I remembered it is Christmas this week and I have 3 parties to go to and all with food. I even have shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate from my co-worker sitting on my desk right now. Ugh. I ate 3 already. They are luscious butter goodness.

On Friday my boyfriend and I are going out to Thai food with his mother, another uggh. I love Thai food. The upcoming week is starting to sound like a food nightmare. It scares me a little, but what can I do? Christmas only happens once a year and it sounds really hard to calculate the points for everything. So my game plan has to be in effect. I am going to try to portion control. It sounds like a good idea, but I am wondering how I am going to pull it off?

My boyfriend told me just to take a couple of bites and if it tastes good to stop eating it. Whaa? How and why? That has always been so hard. I think I will only eat what I want and if it doesn't taste good I am not eating it. He has the worst diet advice, but always thinks he is right. I know he is just trying to help. My winter break starts tomorrow and I am excited that I don't have to come into work for a while. I will still try to blog on the weekdays if I can, so I will let you know of my struggles. Until then eat, drink and maintain.

P.S. I went to Weight Watchers store today to get a new 3 month journal. They gave me a points bracelet, which I prob. will never use and a snowflake. They do some hokey things there...after the lady gave me a snowflake she said "Don't flake out this holiday"...weird huh? Oh well, maybe they think that stuff works?

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