Sunday, December 30, 2007

Vacation almost over

It is Sunday and I am getting to the end of my Christmas break. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. The party we were supposed to go to got cancelled because of a death in the family. I don't think we are going to go anywhere or have any temptation to deal with. We went full grocery shopping for healthy foods. I haven't been doing much of anything, mainly because I lost my bank I have no money to do anything.

My boyfriend got a toaster oven for Christmas and I have to say it is the most awesome thing. We have been toasting everything and everything seems to taste better toasted. I have never owned one, but now I am sold on them. It is making me enjoy my 1 pt. bread much more than I was before.

Anyway, I have been good and eating within my points range since the day after Christmas. I actually wanted to eat healthy because I felt so bad eating like crap during Christmas. I have gotten back into exercise also. I think it is hard to get back into your habits after you have been bad..but I did. Letting myself let loose and just go for whatever I wanted seems to have worked for me. Maybe that is the key. That is something I have never done while trying to loose weight before. I believe that I have changed for the better with food. But I am still not convinced of its permanency.

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