Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day after Christmas and a Weigh-in day

Well, I pretty much ate whatever I wanted for the last four days during Christmas. I could not keep track because it was so much food at so many different Christmas parties. I got on the scale today and I was 1 pound up and back to my beloved 190. I do not feel that I was deprived of any food at all during Christmas. I do feel that my stomach is now used to much more food than it was and I have been finding myself to be pretty hungry today. I plan on doing an hour of excercise, because I pretty much stopped doing that too. It is funny how outta your routine you can get. I will be back posting regularly on Tuesday the 2nd, for now it may be a bit sporadic.

So I am onto a New Year's Eve party on Monday...and hoping I will do well with is only 1 day right? Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.

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