Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lost 2 pounds!

Yes I lost 2 pounds this week. I will thank the new level 2 treadmill chip for it also. I have to say that the workouts are really hard on it, but I will just adjust them until I can do them. I have to do them on zero incline currently.

I am a bit surprised to finally see 190 on the scale. I have been seeing it for the last 3 weeks on Saturdays, so it is nice it finally made it to my actual Wednesday weigh-in. I am a bit pumped now that I could possibly get to the high 180's by next week. I really want to be in the 80's, it is so cool to drop a weight bracket. The next bracket will be really exciting...but I am happy to be where I am at for now.

I did yoga last night and it did wonders for me mentally. I was sooo stressed yesterday and the night before. Savasana was like! I felt almost drunk when I left the place. I also slept like a baby. I felt great this morning and did a level 2 program. I read a great article from Martika on MSN Health & Fitness about how you should have something to eat or drink before excercising in the morning, and I have to say it really helps! I usually do not have energy to jog in the morning.

So my day is going well so far, hope yours is too!

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