Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pizza and I am hungry

It is 11 o' clock here and I am starving already. I had pizza yesterday for lunch. Did you know that papa john's large pepperoni pizza has 7 points a slice? I had 2 slices and that was 14 points. I was alarmed by that, but of course I had the flex points for it. I of course wanted more than 2 pieces, but I realized after I ate 2 that I didn't feel that great. So in an effort to not feel like crap, I quite eating after 2. I also tried to have a smaller dinner to make up for it. I really want to do well this week and get under 190.

I am not that enthused with my lunch today, so I think it is always a shame when you really want something different than what you have. I think this feeling will pass, but it is the holidays and winter so the comfort food cravings are starting to kick in. I am craving fried chinese food once again. I jogged this morning so I am proud of myself, but I think this may make me extra hungry.

I continue to just take it one day at a time and get through the holidays without going too crazy. The cruise is a perfect motivation for me to keep going and pressing on and I won't let myself forget about that.

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