Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Stressful Season

I don't like to get myself stressed out for any reason...I always try to remain calm, but the one thing that can stress me out like nobody's business is money and the money I stand to loose to sell my home in this stupid economy and living in Michigan.

Does stress make you loose weight? Currently, I am not overeating due to stress, but I do usually stop excercising on those super stress days. I guess I can't get my energy up enough to step onto the treadmill. It takes energy to be stressed so I can see why you would eat, your burning more calories just being in a stressed state aren't you? Anyway, stress is not healthy I can feel it wearing away at my body and health. And it makes me so tired and really cold. Excercise warms me.

So after a very stressful couple of weeks I am trying to get myself to unwind a bit, (jez I just had a massage last week Friday...what is up with this)? The holidays cause stress only for the reason that I have to buy people gifts that I cannot currently afford. So I just keep trying to manage and be nice to myself and remind myself that this will get better. I think I will go to yoga tonight to try to calm my mind. Namaste.

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