Monday, December 3, 2007

Another week, another month, another hunger issue

It is December. I always get a bit weirded out when a new month begins because it feels as if time is going by way too fast. It is also Monday and I am sitting in my office finishing my lunch. A sandwich and zero point soup. The thing I kind of feel deprived about is that with 24 points I can only have one larger meal a day. Well, maybe two. I of course have the larger meal at dinner and I have a pretty big breakfast also. My co-worker is in the office next to me and she made something with cheese that smelled amazingly good, like mac and cheese or something. It makes me excited for have extra points. I have to meet with a realtor tonight and am a bit upset that I won't have time to work out. I also ate all the rest of my 35 extra points yesterday. I always seem to eat more on Sunday. So I am left with just 24. I think I am quite full now, but it still doesn't make me stop complaining about this for some reason.

The intoxicating aroma of rich foods are too much for my nose and stomach to process today. I finally got my level 2 excercise chip for my treadmill and I have been jogging for the last 4 days instead of walking fast. I went from burning 250 calories a half hour to 350. Could it be the extra calories I am burning are making me extra hungry? Yes, but I am having some trouble getting past the 190 point so I only count 2 points for the excercising...even though I am burning an extra 100 calories. This is the same excercise points that I counted before at 250 calories. I really do not get how these are calculated...perhaps I can find a site explaining it or my huge masses of readers can tell me? :)

I do know the weight watchers sliding scale thingy tells you how many points based on might take me more effort...but how much effort is normal or average? I am not maxing myself out so I don't think that my excercising is much more than moderate. So strange..they should have a burning of calories range or something based on weight. Oh well, maybe the scale will be nice to me this week and let me loose weight. This is my hormonal I am crossing my fingers.


Anonymous said...

A website you might want to check out is It has an exercise log and activity tracking and you can calculate calories used.


Estellia said...

Thanks Val! My loyal reader.