Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holiday blahs

I am lucky to have this week off and not have to work until Tuesday. My boyfriend on the other hand had to work this week. He came home early and is napping now because he is so exhausted from cooking for 20 people, twice. I slept in today and it felt like heaven. I got up ate my high fiber breakfast, relaxed a while, went for a jog on the treadmill and generally had a good day. I am going to make spaghetti for dinner with lots of veggies to help fill the extra stretch I got in my stomach from eating so much for four days in a row.

I did get a great yoga mat for Christmas that I would love to try out, only they are not open until after the 31st. I have to say that I might be having a bit of the blahs that I am fighting.

Christmas keeps you busy and is exciting because of the presents. After Christmas you kind of have a down time because you have no money and you have to pay the consequences on the scale. I am 190 again and I fought hard to get past it. The only good thing I can say about the holiday eating is that I really do not have any cravings for anything. I got my fill of about everything I was craving. The only thing I didn't have was ice cream. I have to say that I think I might be allergic to ice cream because now when I eat it it hurts my stomach. That reason alone is why I stay away from it. I have to say that ice cream has always been my favorite sweet treat. When I gained back my 40 pounds I really think I gained it all from the peanut butter cup flurry. I went to the ice cream shops in the summer and ate a huge one everyday. I couldn't get enough of it. Although it still sounds good, I won't be having that for a while..and if it keeps hurting my stomach I might have to give it up entirely.

So, I am going to continue to try to loose weight and get healthy..but I have to say the obsessing about it is starting to get a bit tiring. I guess I never wanted to be one of those people that made weight loss their first and only priority in life. I want to exercise and eat good, but I don't need it to be all I think about or all I talk about with people. I am realizing that the lifestyle changes I made don't need to be bragged about, they should just be part of my healthy lifestyle from day to day.

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Anonymous said...

I have a yoga mat too, for when I exercise to a DVD at home. Hubby was extra generous this Christmas so I'm still enjoying shopping and using giftcards from some of the family. I allowed myself a couple of desserts at Christmas time so have to be extra careful. We're taking my niece and nephew out for brunch tomorrow. I don't know if I'll have the toast that comes with the meal.
Sorbet might be an alternative for you instead of ice cream.