Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Equality on the scale

I just maintained this week, but I did lose 1/2" off my hips and went down a percentage in body fat. Those are good things. So I just hope to do better next week. I really do not know what happened other than my body did what it wanted. I was down all week, even yesterday to 184.6. It is so strange.

On the plus side, I am feeling better today. This is mainly due to the yoga session I did last night. The instructor went over by a half hour so I did 1.5 hours of yoga. It felt great. I feel so stretched out. I am guilty of excercising and not stretching after. I don't know if it is the excessive amount of dog hair in my house that keeps me from stretching (black workout pants, white doggy) or just that I am too lazy. I use yoga to help with that. I really do need to work on my stretching a bit, it does help with soreness...doesn't it? I read things about that and it seems debatable.

In other good news, I can fit into my old j.crew navy size 14 pants. I wore these in 2002 last when I worked there and was around 175 pounds. Wow, it is 2008 and that was 6 years ago. I take really good care of my clothes...they do make quality stuff and they are a plain style, so they still look great. I am proud of myself for that, I did not excercise I think because I excercise and lift weights now that might contribute to being able to fit in these clothes. It is just awesome to me, almost surreal. :)

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