Monday, February 18, 2008

I have never been on maintenance

This week on maintenance has been soo nice. I haven't been starving and feel that I can survive on 28 pts. much better. On Saturday I was busy, and got home with 10 pts. still to go after eating dinner.....what a feeling that is. I still ate them and enjoyed it. I definitely don't feel deprived on 28 pts..especially with 35 extra points and excercise points.

My conclusion is....that maintenance is something to look forward to. I always read those stories that maintenance is harder because you think you can eat much more and go back to your old eating habits. I know this is a possibility, but maitenance has been really nice. The last time I was on weight watchers and lost 20 + pounds I never went on maintenance because I always wanted to loose more. I wish I would of....why? Because you get really hungry and burned out on cutting calories and when you have a lot of weight to loose (over 20) you need a break every now and then. At least I do.

The only thing I can say is that I would like to be on maintenance now. I might find it hard to go back to 24 pts. next week. I still have made my decision to go on 24 points for next week though. You wouldn't think that 4 pts. made that much difference, but it did. I don't wake up starving, I feel satisfied. So...note to self, if you feel overwhelmed or sick of cutting calories...go on maintenance for a week and save your sanity. This is one of the best choices I have made along this journey.

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