Monday, February 25, 2008

Why do new shoes always give me a blister?

I bought new shoes on Friday and of course as soon as I wore them I got a blister on my heel. I am tempted just to keep wearing the old ones to avoid a huge ugly blister for the cruise. I will be wearing sandals there. I have read numerous times that shoes are supposed to be immediately comfortable and there is no "breaking in" period. I have never had a pair of shoes that did not give me some kind of rubbing or blister some where.

Anyway, I am a little sore from lifting weights last night. I remember when I first starting doing the bowflex machine and how I hated the feeling of lifting. It hurt. Now I kind of enjoy it and of course look for that feeling to know I am building muscle. I guess the hurt of straining your muscles grows on you. I have never liked it, but feel it is necessary I deal with it.

I did not get up to exercise today because of the blister and just not feeling like it. I plan to do 45 minutes on the treadmill tonight. And yes I have been weighing myself and I am not sure that the 24 points has made any weight loss happen this week. So weird. I just keep thinking 180, 180 and maybe it will magically appear. The power of positive thinking, right?

Woo hoo, spell check works again.


Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting article about diet and healthy eating.

I make sure to buy shoes that are comfy and I walk around the store a bit before buying to make sure they fit.

Estellia said...

Thanks Val, I am a subscriber to Self...the only magazine I get at home. I had a hard time finding shoes in my size. In Michigan, all the women here have huge feet, me finding a size 10 is hard work. I try to walk around the store as much as I can. I also got inserts from the podiatrist, so that made it worse. How are things going?

Anonymous said...

I had the flu last night-either that or it was the small bag of kettle chips that I ate that were almost out of date.