Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Massages are great

I had a massage yesterday and it was so relaxing. It made the stress of the crazy people at work all melt away. I am feeling really great lately, physically. The only problem I seem to be encountering is a weight loss plateau (that I mentioned yesterday).

I am starting to think that it really doesn't matter if I am plateauing...and worrying about it may be making it worse. The stress from it is not a positive thing for me and it makes me get into a crazy place in my head if I think about it too long. I get into the thought process of maybe I will eat less and excercise more or maybe I won't eat that piece of chicken with dinner and only eat veggies. I don't think these thoughts are healthy or that they will contribute to the healthy lifestyle changes I am making. The more I want to lose weight and the quicker I want to loose weight the crazier and more extreme I seem to get.

When I was steadily losing weight there would be days that I ate a little more or worked out with less intensity and it was all fine, I kept losing. Somehow this stopped and I began to panic. I started eating fruit and veggies only for my snacks, eating a large veggie lunch and having additional veggies with dinner. This is healthy, but I think sometimes your body freaks out a little about it. Perhaps I need to shock it with some crap food. That is my new plan...to not stress and push myself too hard for this week. Hey, it is just a week...and maybe it will get the crazy little thoughts out of my head about weight loss. It is worth a try. Next week I will try something else if this doesn't work.

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