Friday, February 22, 2008

One week and counting until cruise

It is Friday, and the cruise is 1 week away! I will not be posting from February 29th to March 9, 2008 due to being on vacation. I am so excited about going and have read some great reviews about the ship and location we are going to. It has been a little harder to get the bf excited about it...he has a lot of work to get done beforehand. He has a very demanding job.

Anyway, I want to let everyone know that the weight loss and the blog is not going to stop after the cruise. I still am not to my first goal and feel that this blog has really helped me to work out some things for myself. I hope I can help others in the process, but I really do this for myself. It is fun to look back at how I was feeling at different weights and different days. I think the maitenance thing was the most amazing piece of information I have covered so far. I haven't read much about people going on maitenance or even needing to in the other blogs. Please comment if you have a "going on maitenance" story, I would love to hear from you....and if not..not a big deal.

I worked out this morning for the first time since getting the cortisone shot. My podiatrist gave me some Comforter brand insoles that add padding and are suppossed to conform to the shape of your foot. I still worked out in old shoes today, but plan on getting new ones later on this afternoon. My foot felt fine, and I am happy I can resume my regular work out schedule. Have a great weekend.

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