Thursday, February 21, 2008

Foot feeling better

My foot is feeling much better today. I have taken some time off from the treadmill, but lifted weights yesterday..the best that I could. I think it is funny that on Tuesday when I got the cortisone shot how nonchalant the podiatrist and nurse were about the whole thing.

I asked if I could excercise right a way....they said yeah, sure. I got home and could not feel the whole right side and big toe of my foot, how would I jog on the treadmill like that? Couldn't I of broken my toe and not known about it? Anyway, the thought of putting a shoe on my foot yesterday sounded excruciating, so I stayed home from work. I think this helped speed up my recovery time because it does not hurt nearly as much as it did yesterday. I also got caught up on a lot of sleep and some art.

I am pleased that I lost weight on maintenance last week. I so enjoyed it, I am tempted to stay on it....but I won't. I went back to 24 points yesterday. The thing is about maintenance and losing is that I had a lot more energy to excercise. I could jog faster and longer....I think that may be why I lost weight. I have friends that say they still loose weight on 28 points a day and they weigh less than that gives me hope that when I am at my goal, 28 points could be my maintenance or more. I am happy with that. I am happy that I took a break and do not feel insane anymore.

I read a lot of blogs and see people struggle, I think they need to take a break when it gets tough..and a lot of them try some other diet and excercise programs that sound a bit extreme. It is an easy cycle to get into when you don't get the results you are looking for. It is tempting to go even further with dieting and excercising to achieve your goals. My mind has gone there, but I am too lazy to follow through. If I have to get to that point, where I am doing some extreme diet or excercise program...maybe I would adjust my weight goals instead. Some of those programs sound like they are just too much work and shouldn't the things you do for health not be torture?

Anyway, I do not know what they are dealing with or if they are trying to get to the smaller end of their weight goals so I should not talk about them. I just feel that I need to slow down on my weight loss goals and not go insane. This last week has taught me that.

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