Friday, February 15, 2008

Scale addict

I have to say my goal of not weighing myself today was not achieved. It must be habit or something because I just weighed myself without thinking. At least the number was better today, 186.

I had a good Valentine's day but did not get any candy from the bf. He said "That amount of sugar is not good for anybody". That bummed me out a bit, but at least my boss bought a Whitman's Sampler and I took 2 pieces of it I don't feel too deprived. I can always get candy if I want it..and I do.

My bf made me dinner last night and it is my favorite dish. Beef tenderloin and broccolli on top of brown rice. It is a weight watchers recipe and has a ton of ginger and spice in it, so delicious. He also went to Fresh Market and bought only organic everything for it. I think that was great, splurge on a special meal at home. I think the restaurants are too busy and I haven't really wanted to go anywhere for food.

I am on my third day of maintenance and it is going well. This morning I did not wake up starving, which was really nice. I had some hunger but not as much as usual. I worked out and ate breakfast and was not hungry at 10 a.m. for a snack. I am just waiting a while now before having lunch. I seem to be focusing my attention now on what I want to take for the cruise....and oh, I bought a pair of shorts that I really like on me. So I have "1" pair now. :)

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