Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday weigh-in

I lost .6 pounds this week. I am happy to loose...had 2 weeks prior to maintenance that I didn't it is nice. I guess I thought I would loose a bit more, but that is okay. As long as I am losing again steadily, I try not to worry about what the number is. I have read that people who go up in points then go down the following week loose more weight..but I guess my body likes to lose the weight in the same week of eating more.

I have one more day of work and blogging then I am off to the cruise...warm weather and sun..woo hoo! I still have to pack and plan and do all my errands before..and I hope I don't forget anything. I also will be starting 2 days of self-tanning. I think I am going to buy a sugar scrub tonight, then put self-tanner on before I go to bed. That is the only way I can handle it. The smell is always so weird, but I am so fair it is the only way I get any color at all. The tannest I have ever been is with self-tanner...yes I am that white. I don't like or believe in the tanning booth, it scares me and is too hot. Not enjoyable for me.

I also plan on bringing snacks with me on the plane. I do not want to be caught off guard being hungry and have to grab some crap food that makes me feel bad. I guess that is what always keeps me eating healthy...I just do not feel good when I eat crap. My stomach gets all off and I have no energy. I think that may be the secret to my lifestyle change. I feel so good eating healthy and exercising that, right now, I would not want to not feel this good. I also have some sort of hypoglycemia...I have fainted before. I guess I am a bit fragile and unable to push my body. I don't drink or smoke or do any body cannot handle any of that. It is also nice that my bf doesn't do any of those things either, his only addiction is WoW.

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