Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Slow workout week

This weeks workouts were not so great. Don't get me wrong I still worked out as much as I could, but my intensity seemed to suffer a bit from last week. I am attributing this to the smaller amount of food or the feet or the strange 24 hour cold I had on Saturday. All of which affected my workouts. So far I don't think I have lost the amount of weight I lost last week on maintenance. This is starting to play with my mind.

I am a lot happier on maintenance. I feel a bit more freedom with food. I have more energy to work out. I love maintenance, or it might not be maintenance (since I lost). I am finding it hard to go back to 24 points. I thought this might happen.

I decided to go on maintenance for the week and few days of the cruise. I also decided I would bring my journal and try to journal my food intake as much as I could. I also gave myself a goal to workout in the gym of the boat at least 3 times. I looked at where our room was and were the workout room was....it is far away..so I am trying to be realistic. Our "stateroom" is on the bottom level of the boat..which scares me. Am I gonna get sea sick?

Anyway, it is cold and wet and dreary here and I cannot wait to get into the sunshine. I am thinking about doing the self tanning because I looked at my legs and they are white like a ghost. The only thing I hate about self tanning is the smell and the streaky problem.....which is random and hard to always prevent. If I look better in shorts though, it is worth it.

I also have been shopping for dresses and cover ups. I am amazed at all the things that look good on me now. It is so cool, but dangerous for the finances.


Michelle said...

Wow, journaling your food on a cruise! That's dedication. Great job! Thanks for your post...I have added you to my blogroll.

Estellia said...

Thanks, and Thanks! I will try to journal, little goals, little steps...and I have been doing it for months, I am used to it. Why stop now? If I have the time I will always journal.