Thursday, February 7, 2008

Storm dumping and forgetful eating

Ok, I live in Michigan and we had a bad snow storm yesterday. I had a showing for my house that the person refused to cancel at 5 p.m. I left work early (work actually ended up closing at 3 p.m. because of the snow storm).

I arrived at my home far away from work to shovel and it was packed snow and ice. I ended up just shoveling a path to the doors and garage (this was a feat in and of itself). So the people actually did show up, which is good..but they kept saying "it's so small" the whole time. What do people expect for $119,900, a mansion? Anyway, I then had to drive home from way across town. I know live on the opposite side of town, go figure.

I was very stressed driving home and could not tell the road from a snow bank in the dark awfulness of the blizzard. My windshield wipers froze up and that made it worse. I made it home without dying. I was so disheveled from the experience that I began to eat and forgot what I had eaten was delusioned into thinking I had more points than I did for the day. I then of course remembered and ending up eating 15 points into my flexplan. That sucked. I usually don't eat that many. I hope I can get through this week without having to suffer too much.

I did excercise this morning for the first time this week. I have a lot of work stress today which does not help. I need to somehow relax a little. My spellcheck is still not working, I wonder why?

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