Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crazy weekend coming

The computer network at work has been down for most of the day, so I had time to talk with some co-workers I don't see very often because I am almost always in my office working. Anyway, 2 of them told me that I look really fit and healthy. I was very happy about that. I did mention that I wasn't at my healthy BMI yet, but they both said that that didn't matter..and I don't look overweight. Weird, but very nice to hear. It made me feel good that sometimes people notice...and it isn't all about the bf (like yesterdays rant post). I was going to get up this morning and work out..but I was yet again all warm and cozy. I bought some extra blankets for the bed and that made it way to coddling to get out of.

I am taking tommorow off because I have a very busy weekend. I have a halloween party to go to on Friday night with tons of food and treats..then we are going to the apple orchard to get apples for pie and cider and kettle corn. I think this weekend will be a bit tough with points, but hopefully I can get in some good workouts.

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