Thursday, October 16, 2008


It is weird to be really busy. Last night I went to the other side of town (where I used to live) to get my hair cut and colored. I usually can go to the mall and just look around at things...but this time I had to get to my appointment, then go visit my friends who bought my home. I ended up being there pretty late...and really did not eat much yesterday. I got home at 10 and was in bed by 10:30....but I have to say I was starving. I thought it was a little late to eat, so I didn't..I woke up starving for breakfast this morning. I am okay now...but it is weird how when you get busy you forget to eat. Perhaps I am not busy enough..but I like not being busy. I think this will change if we decide to have a family. It is nice to not feel stressed or overly stimulated. It was actually hard for me to get to sleep last night because I had been talking non-stop to people, and my head was spinning. I am not a huge people person, so it kind of drains me to be social for long periods of time. Anyway, I am still trying to do the 5 points a day until Saturday...and I have extra to use on one day because of yesterday, which is a nice surprise. I guess I may be getting to the point where everything isn't about food or what I am going to treat myself is a nice feeling.

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