Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thai heaven

Okay, I didn't mention this yesterday because I didn't know if I would go..but I went to a thai cooking class last night. I ate too many deep fried spring rolls..and went way over on points..but besides that I really liked it and had fun. I found out that there is no low calorie way to make Thai food. A lot of coconut milk is used in it and I was strongly advised not to use the light stuff. If I make thai food anytime in the future it will definitely be a special treat meal. A delicious one. Thai is my favorite type of food to go out for, so I like that I learned how to cook it. I just cannot make it light in any way, shape or form...or it just wouldn't be thai food. I really thought I could somehow learn to make it lighter....I really did.

I am a little scared to get on the scale tomorrow because it is my TOM and I really went over on points this week...probably in the double digits. I really need to do more exercising as well..I have slacked off on that too. I have been fighting this dormant kind of cold for the last week..and I just haven't been sleeping well. Especially last night...perhaps all the curry made me too stimulated? I also ate out thai this weekend so I think I have had my thai food fix for quite a while now. I would definitely take another cooking class though..it is super fun.

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Anonymous said...

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