Friday, October 17, 2008

Ice cream scares me

I am a little sad that the ice cream shop by my house closed. I got reliant on going there when I wanted a little light ice cream because I cannot bear to keep ice cream in my house. I know that if I want to eat it I should by it and all of those things..but the truth is that it is just one of those things I should not be trusted with. I will eat it and eat large amounts of it until it is gone. I did overcome my candy thing though..and I have had candy in the cupboard that I haven't touch in months...perhaps I should throw it it good anymore? Or I could give it out on Halloween. Anyway, my last hurdle to overcome is having ice cream in the house. I just, okay..I am scared to have it in the house. I am scared of it. What happens when I really want it though? I guess I will have to go to TCBY. TCBY is good and all..but it gives me a stomach ache. I think it is the yogurt cultures they add back in now. Anyway, advice on this matter would be welcomed.

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Anonymous said...

I would say to throw out the candy-don't have it in the house. That's good that you just go out to get candy/icecream. I stopped baking and once in a while I buy one cookie when I get a coffee.