Friday, October 10, 2008

Spread out the flex points

I have devised a new system for myself with my flex points. I am not really all that happy with were my weight has crept up, so it requires a little tightening up. I am going to do 5 points over on Wed, Thurs & Friday, then 10 extra points on Saturday & Sunday. I have been eating most of my extra points on Wed. & Thurs. lately..and I need more of them on the weekend. Saturday is a day we sometimes go out to lunch or a I feel the need to splurge a little...and Sundays, I usually like to eat a lot more also. I have to say I have been successful so far with this, but it is a little tough when it gets later and I am hungry. I don't get why I am still hungry even when I eat 5 points more for the day? Perhaps I need to eat more fruits...but that is always a struggle for me because I don't enjoy them all that much. Speaking of hungry, I am hungry already..but I need to wait until 10 for my morning snack. Why stomach? why?

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