Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lost that 3.4 pounds

Hooray, I lost that pesky 3.4 pounds I thought I had put on last week. TOM is very strange and I think I was retaining a lot of water. I am happy to be back to my lowest weight of 180 so far on a weigh in day...I saw 179 all week a bummer it did not carry over. I couldn't post yesterday because I had a doggie emergency. She was sick and needed to go to the vet. She has gastrointestinal parasites...she is on meds and has to eat beef/chicken/turkey with white rice for a couple of days. I made a big batch of doggie food yesterday for she is all set. I hope she gets better soon! I was so worried about her.

So I have to admit that I keep having these fantasies of being 175 or 170 or in the 170's lately. I really want to drop, but I know it will take some more work..i.e. working out. I didn't do as much working out this week as I wanted to, I was about an hour and a half short. I just will try to do better again next week. Oh and spreading out the flex points with the 5 on Wed., Thurs., & Friday worked really well for me. It was great to have more freedom on the weekend. I hope to be able to do that again this week.

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