Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weight gain, weight loss

Okay I am officially the biggest yo-yoer when it come to weight. I just continue to go from 180 to 182 and cannot get out of this cycle. I was doing it before with 184 and 182..and perhaps I should be happy that I lost those 2 pounds..just it is tough..and this is a lifestyle, I always remind myself. It doesn't help that the bf has wasted away into super-thindom either. He cannot wear any of his pants, they are so sadly baggy. Family and friends go on and on about him being anorexic and all that stuff...and I can't help but to feel like shit about my weight loss efforts because they are so overshadowed by his. It is like people didn't even notice that I had lost weight. I will quit being a baby now, but it is just not fair!

Anyway, I am going to try to make my food choices a little healthier. I am going to try to eat a protein and a carb for a snack, 2 or 3 times a day. I have included nuts and seeds also into my diet...even though they are sickly high in points, but from things I have read..very good for you. I ordered a new book from Amazon and will let you know my thoughts about it after I read it. It is pretty much about healthy eating. Anyway, I have been down the path of re-gaining weight on WW before and I will not gain the weight back again! I need to make some different changes to make my diet healthier and include some more healthy fats in...that WW does not emphasize. I hope this change will make a difference in my diet and my sweet cravings...because what I am doing isn't working all that well for me right now.

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