Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back on track?

Well I am feeling like I am getting a better handle on weight loss this week. I have been eating a lot more veggies and exercising in the mornings again. I feel confident that I will lose a pound this week. That is a good feeling, to know that you are not just wishing you lose weight or hoping you won't gain. I have to say that the cruise has been a big motivator and that I ordered the swim suit I wanted from the Internet and I want it to look good on me. I will just be crossing my fingers on that one...if not I will send it back.

I am a little upset with myself that I gave all my shorts to Goodwill. I was cleaning out my house because it's for sale..and just wanted to get rid of stuff. I looked at my shorts and thought...I haven't worn these for so long...I don't think I ever will...so I will get rid of them. The sad thing is, is that they would fit me now..and I really liked them. I could of worn them on the cruise. I guess when your going through your clothes, never say never.

I have always had issues wearing shorts anyway. I never really liked my legs. I carry most of my weight in them, so I never felt like it was flattering to show them off. The good thing is, is that I never really got a big stomach and now it is flatter than ever. I love my upper body all the way down to my hips, thighs and legs...the more weight I lose though the better they look. I am a total pear, but I really do like my figure more and more these days. I did not like it that much 20 pounds ago. Things are definitely getting more symmetrical.

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