Wednesday, January 9, 2008

1.6 pds

I lost 1.6 pounds this week and a half inch off my hips. This is good, but for the last two days I have had some stomach issues (see my last post). I am feeling better today, but am still off a bit. I am very optimistic that I can get to 180 before my cruise in March. I would love to be at 175, but I am doing my best and don't want to mess myself up trying to loose faster. I have done that many times in the past. When you cut down your food by too much, you end up having a binge. I think your body goes into shock or something, at least mine does.

I have been trying to sleep more for the last couple of days to get my stomach working like normal again and I have had the most bazaar dreams. I keep having dreams of wearing a bikini or that I am so fit and thin everyone keeps commenting on it. So weird, I wonder why I am having these dreams?

Anyway, if any of you watched the "Biggest Loser" last night I thought it was a good moment when the brown team was watching the collage of themselves and the food and felt disgusted that they were talking so gleefully about the junk food they eat. I often feel like that now myself. Why did I like it so much? Why was it such a pleasurable experience to stuff myself? I guess I feel differently about food at the moment. I feel eating like that and gaining weight just isn't worth it anymore. Have I changed for the better? I guess we will see. I really think I have, but you never know if your food addictions will return when life throws you a curve ball.


Anonymous said...

I walked down the aisle past all the chocolate and candy in Walmart. I ended up buying a bag of "crispy tortillaz" and ate most of them while waiting for hubby in the car. I had let myself get too hungry. Better than McDonald's at least.

Estellia said...

What are crispy tortillaz? Are they candy? Just wondering. Anyway, don't beat yourself up about it...just continue trying to eat better and excercising. Get back on the I like to call it.