Friday, January 25, 2008

Donuts again

Yes I had a donut today. I bought 2, one for my colleague and of course I had to get one for myself. She helped me through an icky project, so I wanted to do something nice. Donuts are good and I had the flexpoints, so I thought why not? I don't feel ill from it, which is good.

I worked out this morning again, I am so proud. It is Friday and I am glad that another week is over and my cruise is coming faster. In some ways I don't want it to be here and then I really want to go like, tommorow. I am thinking that I want a new swimsuit, but I don't want to spend the money on it. I want one of those tankini's, only because it is so much easier to wear something like that and go to the bathroom. I hate having to take off your shirt and all that just to pee. I pee a lot because I drink a ton of water. The tankini I want is almost $100, which is I thought maybe I would go look at other stores to see if I can get something cheaper. The more money I save now the more I will have on my cruise. I figure that I should get one I like...since I may be living in it for a week. I guess we shall see. I always think looking for a suit is a bit depressing...but maybe it will be better this time. Also the one I want is online..and that would save me from going to try on some...

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