Friday, January 18, 2008

Forever Friday

I wish it was Friday everyday. I love the weekends too much...but I do get bored sometimes. Anyway, I did not succumb to donuts yesterday! Well, I walked past them a second time and the only donut I like was not there (long john w/ creme). So that made the decision for me. The downstairs department was also offering cookies and brownies in the afternoon, which they emailed the building about. So I went down to check it out..(and stretch my legs) and had somewhat of a strange experience.

I went to find 5 people huddled in the corner of the small hallway stuffing brownies and cookies in their mouths, they had them in both hands....I am not kidding. They were telling each other "These brownies are good". Once I saw that, I lost any desire for them. As I was walking away, one of the ladies who had two brownies in both of her hands yelled at me "Your looking skinny!" Now that was embarrasing. Not only because of the situation, but the president of the college was walking by at the moment. I like compliments and all, but not yelled out loudly with a full mouth of food in front of people.

That makes me wonder why people do that..even when I was heavier I never would eat more than a portion of food that was offered to people. If I wanted something like that I would buy it myself. Oh well, it isn't a big deal..but it did kind of gross me out a bit.

I am excited because I am only working a half day. I then have a massage and the doggy gets groomed. I love both of those things. The doggies hair always feels so soft afterwards.

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