Monday, January 7, 2008

Old pants are getting too big

I am a little shocked that I went to put on a pair of pants this morning and they were too big for me. We are currently having a break in the winter weather so I could wear pants that were lighter. To my surprise they looked big and baggy and unflattering. I cannot wear them!

So I went and tried on some of my pants from my last big weight loss and they fit! I am wearing them right now. I am so proud of myself! That is a huge goal of mine. I worked at j.crew in my mid 20's when I lost my 40 pounds and got a new wardrobe...then I gained the weight back and could not wear any of them, but kept them around because they are still stylish. So I can wear one pair so far..I need to try the rest on (I know you are probably thinking why I would want to wear pants that are about 7 years old, but they still carry the same ones I have at the store).

Also, my refrigerator is fixed. My bf is so smart he fixed it with the help of his moms boyfriend. We went to the store and got food, so I didn't have to suffer with eating out long. Isn't that weird...I really don't want to eat out. I guess after that horrible BW3 meal that was enough to turn me off to it.

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