Monday, January 21, 2008

Marvelous Monday

I wish I could say it has been a marvelous Monday, but it hasn't started out to keenly. I somehow left my car keys in my bf's car and he had to drive from work to give them to me. I was an hour late. I needed a latte after that! I usually get a latte every morning, but I have been thinking I need to make my own again to save money for vacation. I really like it when Starbucks makes it for me, even though I have my own espresso machine.

So I tried the 100 calorie packs of candy this weekend. I bought the 3 musketeers and the twix..and guess what? I ate the whole 2 packs this weekend. There are (7) 100 calorie bars in the packs. I guess you can say I had a candy meltdown. I did count points for them, but felt a little sick on Sunday night after eating 4 of them. I don't know why I do that. Something about having that many tiny candy bars got to me. I usually keep the regular size package of dark choc. m&m's and a snickers w/ almonds in the cupboard...and don't feel the need to eat those all right away. I need to go back to that, that works much better. My advice is to probably stay away from those, unless you have good self control. I do not.

I also have been having issues exercising this week. I think because I got sick my momentum was affected. I really wanted to get up this morning and walk/jog on the treadmill, but the bed was cozy and I didn't. I guess I will do an hour tonight. I don't think and hour is all that fun, it is much better to break it up into half hours. I know I can't be perfect with this stuff all the time, but perhaps the weather has gotten to me a bit. I don't know? I am feeling like I am in a funk today...I hate all this snow and the cold. I hope to feel much better this week than I do now.

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