Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cold weather, warm food

Well, it is freezing outside...but my refrigerator is nice and warm. Yeah, the fridge went on the fritz last night and I woke up to warm orange juice and milk. I am not sure if it is going to cool back down or not yet? I was dissapointed because I could not have my high fiber cereal I usually eat. I had to have one of the bf's breakfast sandwiches instead because it was in the freezer and slightly colder than the fridge. Anyway, I feel off and I think it is because...I am missing my fiber! or the sandwich was bad.

Protein is good and all and I do get that in my Kashi Go Lean, but that sandwich had no fiber. I also could not bring my high fiber leftovers for lunch today. I bought a lean cusine at the grocery store this morning. I really do not care for those, but it is too cold to go out to lunch during the day. So I am bummed out today. I also just spent $140 at the grocery store and everything is bad. Double bummed. I am trying to cheer up but it is hard.

Money can be very depressing. I still have not sold my house and the bf and I are broke all the time. We are trying to get it together for our vacation, but things keep happening that backtrack us. I am suppossed to be excited about my vacation, not dreading it because I have no money. Arghhh!

I have to keep in mind that things eventually work out in the long run. We might have to wait to get more groceries stacked in our fridge, but we will get back to normal again. I just hope the fridge isn't broken. I also hate reading all those articles about recession...those are super depressing. The good news is that these things don't make me want to pig out on food. I know I have to solve my problems, not just try to stuff my face to forget. So I apologize for venting, but felt the need. That is what blogs are for.

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