Friday, January 4, 2008

The fridge is officially broken and all food is gone

Well, we lost all our food in the fridge last night. It officially broke. We are looking for a part for it to try to save it's life....the fridge was purchased in 2003...what kind of a fridge is that? I thought they lasted for 20 years or something. Anyway, I went grocery shopping this morning for food to eat for today. I did get my cereal, we have a fridge at work. I spent $15 in total for food for today. I think that is a lot. I bought a small milk, a small oj, water, kashi meal, fruit, latte and a luna bar. That is it for $15? This sucks!

So besides money, I ate at BW3 last night (we had a gift card). The food is not good there, I had boneless wings and a dry chicken sandwich with stale bread. I ate a lot of my extra flexpoints on food I didn't even like. So this week is going to be a challenge for weight loss, that is for sure. We are going bowling tonight with family and eating out I am going to try to do well.

I feel a little sabotaged by the fridge going out. Just when you think you have things under control, this stuff happens. That is life...and I will just keep trying. If I gain or lose I'm going to just have to live with the fact that I have no fridge this week. I also think I may be getting a cold. So not the greatest day for me. I am gonna try to cheer up...and maybe bowling will do it for me.

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