Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to routines

I am back and had a wonderful holiday vacation. I so needed that. I feel so relaxed now, I am hoping to stay this way...forever. Anyway, I got a lot done. I painted the bedroom and it looks lovely, I am now looking for curtains and new lamps to add well as a little bit of decor. I look at the painted room with pride in my painting skills. I actually think I am pretty good at it.

Anyway, I ate a lot during the holidays. Is that a surprise? I also didn't journal, but am back to it now. I also did my Wednesday weigh-ins on both weeks. The second week number scared me and I hope this week it is better. I have gotten back to my regular exercise routine as well. I am not worried about what I gained and I have no regrets, not even with all the sugar cookies I ate! I know that I can loose this extra weight and get on with things.

I am not into resolutions, but I would like to lose 5 pounds. That is my goal and when I get there, I may want to loose another 5 pounds..who knows? I am just happy that the holiday eating is over...I just wish my vacation wasn't.

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