Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Diet crazies

I have been in a very good mood lately. I think that the January diet craze is effecting me positively. I have been watching Food Network and they have healthy cooking on it all week. I also have been watching healthy cooking shows on FitTV and Discovery Health. Both the bf and I have so many ideas on what we want to cook, we are planning our weekends around it. I heard that most people don't gain all that much around the holidays. They gain around 2 pounds on average, and it is important to get that off...but 2 pounds causes all those diet commercials to spam the tv like crazy? I guess I don't really get it...but I have never been a resolution type of person. If I want to loose weight there is usually no right time for me to do it. I just do it whenever I can. I started losing weight I think around July in 2007.

I have to remind myself that eating snacks between meals is a good thing for me. Yesterday I had two snacks during the day after breakfast and lunch and didn't go home hungry. I actually ate less at dinner and didn't crave a big desert. Eat snacks..who cares if you go home with less points!

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