Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Warning signs

I am quite unhappy with this week's numbers. I think I took the week for granted a bit and just thought my weight would settle in the downward phase. Well, it didn't. I really need to watch my portion sizes and my sugar consumption. I didn't go crazy eating, but obviously I ate to much and exercised to little. I also wasn't good with drinking my water. I really need to re-motivate myself again so that I can loose this 5 pounds I gained. I am disappointed, but this is my wake-up call to push myself more with exercise and eat better. I am not going to blame anyone but myself for this. I know I did not go over in calories this week by 6, in a way the weight isn't all real. But that number means I have to work harder at it to get it down. I know I can do it! I know I can lose 5 pounds.

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