Friday, January 9, 2009

Chocolate dreams

I am glad it is Friday. I could hardly get up today..and my good mood is starting to slip a bit. It is so hard to be in a good mood when everyone around you is in a bad mood. I hate that, it always ruins it for me. I think most people in Michigan in the winter are always in a bad mood. Maybe the lack of sun does that to them. I don't know where my good mood came from, but I think it was the 2 1/2 weeks of Christmas vacation I had. That was so great. I needed a good long break like that. I am a little sad that we are not going on vacation this year..but it will be relieving that we won't have to be broke either. It is hard to recover financially from our vacations, we need to start saving for them..or at least I do.

My desire to cut down on sugar is working quite well. Since I had extra points last night I ate 1 1/2 sloppy joe's (have brown sugar & ketchup in them though) instead of just one....and I was so full I couldn't even think about desert. I hope I can continue...but I love love love chocolate and keep dreaming about it.

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