Friday, May 9, 2008

Blood tests and sleepy

I had to get up early for a blood sugar, cholesterol and thyroid blood test this morning. I had been putting it off all week. I had to do a 12 hour fast, which really sucks in the morning. I also got up a half an hour earlier and now I am so tired I can hardly think straight.

That brings me to the 12 hour fast and the fact that I cannot not eat breakfast or I feel like I am going to faint. I don't know how people don't eat breakfast and can still function. I feel all outta whack still. I love breakfast. I went back to my house afterwards and mowed down on some cereal..and I gotta say my cereal tasted better than it ever has this morning. Hunger can do weird things to your taste buds. I usually like it, but not that much. I was saying yum, umm, umm while I was eating it and my doggy was looking at me funny.

I am seeing Speed Racer tonight in Imax, I hope it is good. I also am eating at Qdoba (not by my choice). I have to look at their site and find some nutrition facts...I don't think anything there is remotely healthy.

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