Monday, May 5, 2008

Moving is exhausting

I have to say that moving last week definitely put a wrench in my exercising and weight loss. I was too exhausted to exercise after moving all day, but that led me to take a whole week off. I didn't exercise even on the days I didn't move. I guess I was a little overwhelmed by the process. I tried my hardest to get up this morning and work out, but I was too sleepy. So I hope to get in some cardio and weights tonight.

I have to say I am not feeling the greatest. I feel sluggish and bloated. I miss feeling better than this and that is my motivation to keep going. I always want to feel good. Is zigzagging my weight up and down a few pounds count as maintenance?

I went and saw Ironman on Saturday and the bf got a bucket of popcorn that we ended up taking home. I finished up the bucket late Saturday night. Sunday was another day I snacked and snacked. I really don't like popcorn all that much, but it tasted good for some reason.


Anonymous said...

I think maintenance is whenever you've reached your WW goal. I've reached the goal I set when I first started WW online. The WW site confirms that. And I do fluctuate up and down a couple of pounds. Maybe someone else could comment with more info?

Estellia said...

I Val, I have lost a little bit more than my 10% and am in a period of just trying to keep this weight off before going forward with more. The maintaining part is really weird and I seem to loose and gain back the same 1 to 2 pounds.

My BMI chart says that I should be between 149 to 170. I really hope to get between 165 to 175 and hold's tough stuff.