Friday, May 30, 2008


Well, last night we went to my bf's grandmother's house. She always cooks for us and his siblings...which is good...but also bad. She told me yesterday that she had 2 heart attacks already and has a lot of health problems. Her doctor told her she has to eat a healthier diet and exercise. These are all good things, but she is almost 80 years old and I don't think she is going to change her habits now..but I guess you never know. What is it about being older and getting set in your ways? I have never understood this because I see myself as a very flexible person...and hope that when I am that age I a) already have healthy habits b) stay flexible with my thinking.

She made us spaghetti with large white noodles and then had some sauce and pot roast meat going in the crock pot..? I was about to put the noodles in boiling water for her and she stopped me so that she could put over a half a cup of vegetable oil in the water?? (who does that?) I do not put anything in my whole wheat noodles I make..but anyway...then she made us garlic bread (I think in the broiler) that was charred or burned around all the corners...and loaded w/ butter. For dessert was german chocolate cake w/ caramel on top, full fat whipped cream and a thick layer of health candy crumbled on top. I love sugar, but it tasted like sugar chocolate flavor...just sugar. It is so nice that she cooked and I do have fun over there....just she has a completely different style of cooking, that I just can't relate to.

She also mentioned to me that she wanted to make us a healthy meal and I almost fell over in shock. This is a healthy meal? The generation gap was in full force at that moment. I love his grandma, but I so wish I could help her to learn some healthier ways of cooking. You really can't do anything like that unless someone asks for help. I think she would take offense if I did offer to help.

Anyway, after I had that dinner I came home and was somehow still hungry. I didn't eat anything, but really wondered if all that refined food somehow doesn't fill you up as much as our hearty, healthy food does? I wonder if this is how most Americans cook/eat? I for one did not think I ate super healthy...and am always looking for ways to clean up my diet a bit.

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