Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Mind Plays Evil Tricks

Well for one I got up and worked out today. I did not workout last night because I got a massage and just wasn't up to it. I am hoping that I can get in a weight workout right after work..but we are supposed to take my bf's mom out to eat for a belated mother's day dinner. I hope she picks something with something healthy, I ate Jimmy Johns yesterday (because bf ate all leftovers) and did not realize that the mayonnaise on my sandwich was not light until I looked on their web site. has a lot of calories and fat. It was lightly spread..but still.

The bf also told me today that he had lost more weight. I am super happy for him and he looked so handsome today...but I am a little jealous that he seems to be a metabolic wonder and loses weight without exercising. He does do a bit better with the diet because he doesn't like sweets, but he is catching up to me with his weight..and I absolutely cannot handle it if he weighs less than me. My mind plays evil tricks on me...see, and I guess I am more competitive than I thought.

I have decided that I need to work a little harder on my workouts. I have also not been lifting as much as I did before vacation. I barely get in twice a week. So I need to remotivate myself again and get my butt moving.

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