Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I got up and worked out today

Yes, I am proud to say I finally got my butt up and did it. Last night (while I was making dinner) I got a call from my doctor about the blood tests I did. I didn't write the numbers down, but I am going to call back and get them. They said my LDL was still not so great...I think, or was that HDL? Anyway, it is so confusing...I will call back today and get the numbers. I have to say I thought they would all be normal and good because I lost that 20 pounds. The fact that one of the numbers isn't optimal...none are in the unhealthy range..but still, makes me kind of mad. I take that to mean that I have to work harder and probably loose more weight than I thought to get them perfect. I guess that is what spurred me on to get up and do cardio this morning. Also, an unfriendly number was on the scale..uggh. :(

I am not quite as awake as I usually am at this time because I skipped my latte. I made pizza last night and still felt full this morning. There was no room for my latte..but maybe in an hour or so there will be. I will post my LDL, HDL and Triglyceride numbers from 2005..then I will get the new ones to compare.

2005 LDL = 118 (less than 100)
2005 HDL = 57 (60 or higher)
2005 Tri = 117 (less than 150)
Total Cholesterol = 198

Okay I just called and got my new numbers:

2008 LDL = 99 (less than 100)
2008 HDL = 53 (60 or higher)
2008 Tri = 114 (less than 150)
Total Cholestorol = 175

It is better, but somehow my good cholesterol is falling. I wonder how I can make that better?

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