Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Getting there

Well I finally feel sane today. I still have some big stuff to move from my house, but I am trying to arrange some kind of bigger vehicle to do it. Other than that, I am out of my house. I now feel like I can get back into my healthy living lifestyle. I am proud of myself for my weight loss and maintenance so far, but I would love to see some 170's in my future.

I have to say that it is impossible for me to loose weight and exercise when my life is chaotic. If you are in a chaotic phase and reading this, give yourself a little break...and resume things when your life is calmer. I wish I would of done that for myself. I get way too stressed out if I try to do everything while I am in a stress mode.

I just looked at my weight tracker chart and I have almost been on my healthy lifestyle quest for 10 months. It will be a year in July/August. Wow time flies....but it is great to still be losing and working on things after all that time. I have to say I feel great most of the time and feel that I have made a permanent change in my behaviors. The hard work is really worth it.

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