Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Feeling good, but need latte

I got a new shirt on Friday to match my new Birkenstock's. I ventured off and actually bought brown sandals instead of black. I usually always buy black everything..I think it had become a habit to disguise my weight. I wear colors now and feel pretty confident in them. My new color, not a great departure from black..is brown. I feel great because I got a new shirt and it is pretty cool. I also have gotten compliments on it. So nice to get compliments from work people.

However, with my good feelings about that....I am going thru Starbucks withdrawal. I had lattes Friday thru Monday..and the latte I made this morning just didn't cut it. I carpooled today, like a good girl...and no Starbucks :(. I wish there was a Starbucks close to my work..but there isn't. There is a Mom and Pop coffee shop..which I am seriously considering walking to. But it just isn't as good as Starbucks. I am so addicted, what do they put in those things?? Anyway at least it is a somewhat healthier thing to be addicted to...at least the milk has calcium, right? I have a headache...that only Starbucks can cure...I hope to get over it. It is not good to be this addicted.

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