Wednesday, June 4, 2008

1 more month of thoughts

So I just finished a 3 month food/exercise journal and in 3 months I did actually lose .8 pds. I am not sure if I tried to do maintenance the whole 3 months, but I think the last 2 months were. I guess I finally have the maintaining part down and feel comfortable with my exercise routine. I asked myself this morning while getting ready for work...can I do more? My answer was mixed to myself. I know I can do more, but in the past when I have done more I got burned out fast and stopped exercising completely. How do you know when to say this is good...or I am doing what I can fit in without giving up too much?

I feel that to loose more or maintain might take me joining a team sport or incorporating at least an hour of exercise a day. I dread doing 30 minutes..even though I think I will do extra on a day..I never do. So I got to thinking that maybe I can do my level 1 chip for the treadmill (the one I started with) as my extra workout. I wouldn't have to do 2 jogging workouts in a day and would get an easy extra one in. This might work or be a possibility...but would adding a low impact, lower level workout help me? I don't know..but maybe it is worth trying. Maybe it will lead to me doing 2 jogging workouts eventually. I could try this in a month after my maintenance period has ended. I would like to lose at least 10 more pounds to fit into my old pants. I really want to wear those! When I wore them, I got there by starving myself on 1,000 calories a day and protein shakes...I won't do that again..EVER!

I read an article on msnbc the other day about fat cells. I have seen other blogs writing about it as well. I sometimes regret that I read msnbc because of articles like this. They explained a depressing fact that you have your fat cells developed at the age of 20. That means you cannot get rid of any..but of course, you can add more. This got me thinking that I probably was at or near the weight I am now when I was 20. I think I was about 185 in 8th grade, a fact that I was traumatized into remembering..and kind of stayed there until college. Then I had the yo-yo diets.

I didn't mention this before but I come from a family that has a long line of morbid obesity and most of them didn't live very long. Most of my family had heart attacks and diabetes related deaths. I want to overcome this history and if I start my own family not pass this onto my kids.

I watched a re-run of Oprah last night while on the treadmill about people losing massive amounts of weight. I struggle with 10 pounds and these people have lost is crazy. When interviewed, most of them worked out an hour a that amount of exercise seems usual for most people who want to keep their weight down. I read also in the weight control registry that most of the maintainers there also do an hour a day, 5 to 6 days a week. I guess I have to start working myself up to an hour. I hope I can do it and have it fit in as easily as the half an hour does now...I hope.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are holding the line!

Did you know that woman burn fat better at lower intensities than men? That means that even brisk walking will work for you. Maybe you can do it outside, in a nice place, and be distracted as the hour passes? Friends of mine watch videos while on their home treadmill. "Lost" seems to work really well :-)

Dr. J