Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Moody and lost a pound

I somehow have become a very moody person in the last couple of days. I feel really out of whack and not happy in the way I usually am. I was pretty upset yesterday because I asked for a laptop for use in my job and got rejected...when I thought I was going to receive it. It was like I was punked or something...because my supervisor told me that it was "on it's way." That is only one of many things that I am just not thrilled about lately. On top of that I get very ornery around my monthly thing. I guess I didn't notice the correlation before, but it definitely effects me in a negative way. I just hope this all blows over in the next couple of days and I can get back to more of a contentment feeling.

In happier news I lost a pound from my last week high weight. I had the licorice problem last week and ate a whole bunch on Tuesday, the day before I weighed in. Last night I ate 2 extra 100 calorie candy bars because I was craving sweets soo bad. Anyway, I went to bed at 9 p.m. last night and slept all the way through. I of course woke up extremely grumpy....I hope I can shake this off. You just can't always "get happy" when you want..I understand people with depression a lot more now. I know I don't have it bad, but disappointment can make me absolutely miserable.

I hear on Oprah and in a lot of other things I read that you must try your hardest to make yourself happy and that includes taking chances to do it. The problem is, is that when you don't get what you want, it is really disappointing. I guess you just have to keep your head up and try try again...but it really is draining.

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