Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Road blocks

I really should of exercised last night, but I didn't. I really should of got up this morning to exercise, but I didn't. Why do I get into these funks? The last thing on my mind is exercising...but I know how much better I will feel if I just do it! I don't feel like my usual fantastic self today and that is because I didn't exercise.

Once again I have things going on in my life that are a tad bit stressful. I know I need to let up on myself, but I really do need to exercise...I just am really good at talking myself out of it.

I am going out to lunch today. We have a department lunch at an Italian restaurant. This sounds fun, but Italian is never all that healthy and I wouldn't worry about it otherwise...except for the fact that I weigh-in tomorrow. I hate it when that number isn't the best that I can make it and is up because I ate a little more for the day before. That happened last week too and on top of that is the monthly happening. I may have to just tell myself that the weigh-in tomorrow probably won't be all that good and hope it is better next week. What else can I do?

I never go out to lunch or dinner, and if I do it is Subway, Jimmy Johns or Panera..so I do want to get something tasty today, but not go overboard. I took a break from carpooling this week because it was starting to make me crazy being stuck here. I know that is a bad excuse, but I felt stranded and trapped. I usually never went anywhere when I drove before, but I could also leave at a decent time and get home at a decent time.

I heard on the radio today (NPR) these people talking about the gas shortage and how the prices being at $4 a gallon is a good thing. They think it is good because people are driving less. I don't know about anyone else, but being cooped up at work and at home and not driving anywhere makes me want to go insane after a while...how long are Americans going to be talking like this? Don't they want to have some sort of life outside their homes and jobs? Sometimes I think the backlash of all this positive talk is going to explosive...like people rioting about it or something. I know I feel like I am slowly going crazy...summer is a time to get out of the house and go to the beach here. I haven't gone and probably won't because it would cost $40 of gas just to get there and back...so sad. I miss the beach. :(

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