Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Feeling good and positive

I have a weigh-in tomorrow and after next week Wednesday, I intend to start up my weight loss again. I have maintained my weight loss within 5 pounds for 3 months, hooray! I decided that I just want to try to get to my first goal of 175 pounds. I have 8.2 pounds to lose to get to that goal and I know I can do it. After that I am going to go back onto a maintenance plan..if it is too difficult to go any further.

It has been hard work maintaining, but now I know I can do it. The last time I lost about this amount of weight I immediately gained most of it back. I got frustrated and gave up. I admit it. I totally gave up and ate whatever I wanted...then I had foot issues and an eating partner bf, so I stopped exercising and gained back more.

I want this attempt to be my last attempt at losing this weight. I would love to get to 165 eventually, but I am going to be patient with myself. I don't have to loose it all at once, and I can take as long as I need too to do it. I think this has been my best maintenance strategy. I try really hard not too put too much pressure on myself.

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