Monday, June 23, 2008

Confessions of a Carb Queen

I read this book over the weekend. I got the book from the library on Friday and read the whole thing by Sunday. It was such an interesting read. I have been trying to get it from the library for quite some time. I know a lot of fellow bloggers have read it too.

I really loved how honest she was about what she ate and did. I loved how she used be a bodybuilder also. I started the book feeling sorry for her and ended it with cheering for her. She went to the Rice Clinic to loose her weight, which is a bit extreme..but I think she needed extreme to break out of her routine.

Even though I was (at times) disgusted by her eating, I noticed some similarities. I used to go on dates and eat something better and then go home and eat ice cream. I really looked forward to this after the date because I wanted desert or was still hungry. I did not do this once I met my current bf though....we ate and ate and gained together, but we also ended up losing together.

On another note...I went to a wedding outside this weekend and I have to say my weight bothered me. I bought a new dress, which I loved...but I was sweating in it on the sides of my stomach and legs..and it was really uncomfortable. I guess when you wear pants all the time you don't notice this that much. I would really like to loose more.

And my doggy, she has a bladder infection that I am treating with antibiotics. I have to take her back to the vet for another test in a couple of weeks to make sure it is gone. She seems to be doing well.

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